15 Latest Travel Trends That Every Traveler Should Aware Of

Travel Industry is constantly changing and new travel trends happening every day. To keep you updated, check out this post to know 15 Latest Travel Trends That Every Traveler Should Aware Of.

This year is going to be a game-changer for the tourists coming from all walks of life. Wonder why? Much thanks,15 Latest Travel Trends That Every Traveler Should Aware Of Articles to the highly influential wellness industry, strong inclination towards health programs, new-age technologies, and surging demand for ‘fitness-on-the-go’ sort of traveling experience. Moreover, a number of health trends from the West and the popularity of ancient healing methods from the East have also contributed towards a sudden change in the way people travel. Well, it is just travelling to a new place and it already sounds oddly exciting, right? Travel trends shall assure complete well-being and newer ways you have been seeing this nomadic practice.

Happy Savings
Say goodbye to the sadistic old days when luxury travelling was not everyone cup of tea. It is now brewing on the horizon and will be served for every single traveler who wishes to expend and go for it. Travel booking biggie Skyscanner predicts that 2019 and ahead will be an era for wishful ticket booking. The company revealed that booking for business and premium class witnessed a growth of 62% ad 47% respectively and the numbers are expected to grow even more. Lower ticket prices, addition of new routes between destinations, and low-cost carriers are some of the supporting reasons.

‘Nature-Like’ Accommodation
Who doesn’t like staying in a natural surrounding? Who would mind flora around? Probably no one. Everyone from an urban dweller who likes to take up extravagant vacations to a middle-class individual who waits for off-seasons to start, holidaying amidst nature is loved by one and all. Considering the statistics, hotels in different countries are planning to add the hue of Mother Nature’s beautiful aura by bringing in the concept of all-season terraces, indoor plants, and windows facing the scenic views. According to the well-known Booking.com, travelers would love to approach something adventurous like hotels under the sea or amid the mountains.

Eco-Friendly Practices
Speaking of hotels, another travel trend that is fast emerging is encouraging sustainable practices and methods to curb further damage to the ecosystem. As a traveler, you must know that hotels are planning on implementing strict rules pertinent to cleanliness, hygiene standards, and reduced public nuisance. Are the ‘so-called carefree & fake free-spirited’ travelers listening? Shunning single-use plastics is another protocol under planning initiatives. The force behind this trend is the growth of the sharing and resale economy, meaning re-assessment of property lifespan and construction using 100% recycled furniture and reusable fittings.

Expert Solutions
With the advent of new technological protocols within the travel arena, there are possibilities of upgrading the accommodations and booking by AI (Artificial Intelligence), new applications, and Robotic check-ins and check-outs. Travel Trends 2019 is also going to be about giving utmost importance to the tailor-made itineraries, facilities, and even customized experiences for interested individuals. AI, automated attendants, and flying staff are going to be at the disposal of the travelers looking to book tickets or know more on flights and timings. Travelers will also have access to personalized content, hyper-relevant information available that are easily downloadable and viewable in their feeds.

Get Social (Media)
Social media plays a huge role in giving us a sneak peek into the future, trends, places, and destinations. This will change the way travelers booking a vacation, choosing a place of their interest and their overall experience. A big portion of the travel trends 2019 is occupied by the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and reddit, which list down the pictures of places, the flora, and various interesting spots to visit. Cruises, trains and other mode of transportations will have better internet facilities, so that travelers can visit websites, speak to people forums in order to optimize their travel.

Cruises & Fun
Cruises are considered as the most dreamy and luxurious travelling experience. Thanks to the media, it is romanticized in the most beautiful ways too. Usually, cruises were considered a mode of travel for rich people around the world, but times are changing. Nowadays, travel companies are offering discount packages, festival packages, and much more. According to the renowned cruise industry CLIA, the cruise sector is expecting some major changes in the year 2019. Their exclusive statistical report states that more than 30 million passengers are expected to go on a cruise in the coming times. There is a chance of launching more than 18 ships and more routes are on the design papers for the best travelling experience.

(She) Shall Travel

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